Hagg Lake

1505271HaggLakeMemorial Day weekend is when everyone and their dog heads out to “enjoy nature”. Having tried to go out during this three-day crazyfest in years past, I know that “enjoying nature” is generally defined as consuming excessive amounts of light beer, blasting country music from anything with speakers and using the outdoors as one’s personal Continue reading


Willamette River

1605188WillametteThis should probably be called “the Willamette, Clackamas and Molalla” as I fished (or tried to fish) the mouths of Willamette tributaries as well as the main river. The salmon and shad runs are in full swing right now, as attested to by the number of boats on the river, and the two sea lions I saw cruising by Clackamette park. Continue reading

Lower Clackamas River

16051510ClackamasA friend of mine recently moved to a place 15 minutes from “the ‘Clack”, so this weekend I took him up to explore a few of my usual spots. It was a great day for fishing: overcast and not too warm. Summer steelhead are starting to appear in the river Continue reading


Wilson River


I discovered the Wilson when I first moved to Portland and had set my sights on winter steelhead. With a buddy and no experience, I stubbornly crisscrossed it all winter chasing “the fish of a thousand casts”, to no avail. Cold and frustrated we gave up Continue reading