Necanicum River

img_0892We had a decent rainstorm last week, and from what I’d read, the Necanicum is supposed to clear faster and be fishable when the bigger rivers are still blown out. It’s a short river that runs along Hwy 26 out to Seaside. The Necanicum doesn’t offer a lot of access except for a few miles above and below Klootchy park. The far bank is almost all private property. A private forest road was open for driving, which I didn’t discover until I’d walked a mile up and down the river. Other than a couple spots right next to the road, it looks like there’s a lot of bushwhacking involved to get to the river, and I’m not sure how much of that would lead to good water anyways.

After landing my first steelhead on my last trip out, I’m hungry for big fish now. I was hoping that the steelies would still be in the river, and that salmon would be running. I chatted with a local who was heading in while I was heading out. He pointed me to a hole he had worked over, and I did see four or five fish roll while I was there, but no luck.


Fall fishing in Oregon

After returning to the car, I drove up and down the road looking for access, but there wasn’t much. There’s a small spot to park and a locked gate at the head of the forest road. I stopped there and hiked in and found another couple promising-looking spots. In one pool below a tailout, a big fish jumped; I think I’ll start referring to them as “bricks” because when they come out of the water it sounds like someone tossing a brick into the pool. So, I saw a brick jump twice. I threw every color spinner I had at the hole, but he wasn’t having anything to do with it.

Although difficult, this is a spot I’d like to come back to. I think it’s worth exploring some more. I chatted with another local at a spot across from the locked gate.  He mentioned the Chum salmon run, and while I believe they are C&R only, they’re supposed to be a lot of fun, and have big teeth. We talked for about 10 minutes, and he was very friendly and open about the river, talking about preferring the quieter and more ethical fishing than the bigger runs that draw big crowds on other rivers.  He said the run was over, but the steelheading is spectacular when they’re returning, and to come back in December. He then climbed into his pickup (I believe the term is “rig”) with a prominent “Trump-Pence” sticker on the back, smiled, waved and wished me good fishing. This year has been crazy and polarizing for a lot of the country, but I think when we focus on the things we have in common instead of the things that drive us apart, we’ll all start coming back together.


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