Deschutes River at Mecca Flats


The Central Oregon Thanksgiving fishing outing has become a tradition for the men in the family. Last year was the Fall River, and the year before the Crooked. This year we ventured down to Mecca Flats. Although summers have come and gone on the coast range, and winters are just about to come in, the fishing report said there were plenty of steelhead throughout the Deschutes. Continue reading


Eagle Creek


I’ve often hit Eagle Creek at Bonnie Lure Park and bushwhacked my way down to the Clackamas, but I’ve never caught a fish here. Fishing in Oregon said the upper creek runs through mostly private property, and for years I’d never ventured higher. Last spring I spent a morning around Eagle Fern Park, but again, no success. Continue reading


North Fork Nehalem

img_0946-2After two unsuccessful days on big water, I decided to go back to my roots with smaller-stream fishing. The Big Nehalem was a bust for me this past summer, so I was a little apprehensive about it; too big and slow for my spinners, but the North Fork is a much smaller stream, and more to my liking. Continue reading