Eagle Creek


I’ve often hit Eagle Creek at Bonnie Lure Park and bushwhacked my way down to the Clackamas, but I’ve never caught a fish here. Fishing in Oregon said the upper creek runs through mostly private property, and for years I’d never ventured higher. Last spring I spent a morning around Eagle Fern Park, but again, no success. The ODFW recreation report said Coho were still coming in, so in his second appearance in my blog, my brother-in-law and went exploring. We found more access both above and below the park, and most of it is pretty close to the road. Despite it being a Sunday morning, we only saw one other fisherman, and he hadn’t had much luck. I don’t know how much pressure Eagle Creek gets when fish are coming in, but I’ve never seen it too busy, and there seems to be enough space for just about everyone.


We drove all the way up to the deadline at the hatchery, but it was deserted save a few fish hanging out below the fish zapper fence.

It was neat to see them sitting right where I imagined they would be, just off the main current, but in much shallower water than I would have thought.


Spot the fish!

We thought it was a bust. Further research led me to find out that it is possible to hike into the canyon below the hatchery.

Whereas lower Eagle Creek is pretty open, the upper part is well forested with fern-covered rock faces that have come to mean Oregon stream fishing for me.img_0953

Showing off my fish hunting skills (if not my fish catching skills). I was able to point out one spot that looked “fishy” to me, and sure enough, a spawned-out summer steelhead toodled upriver a few feet from the bank in front of us both. It wasn’t that big, and almost black it was so dark.

The upper reaches of Eagle Creek merit some more exploring. It’s close to Portland and easy to access. I’ll definitely be exploring some new access to the creek now that I know it’s there.



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