The main goal of this blog is to motivate me to discover more of what Oregon has to offer. After 32 years here I realized there is so much to see and explore, and I haven’t seen a quarter of it; so why not do it with a rod and reel?

I’ve nominated Madelynne Diness Sheehan and her book Fishing in Oregon as my guide, and time and expenses permitting, my objective is to eventually fish every one of the rivers, lakes, streams and ponds listed in the book. They say not to shotgun fishing, and pick a spot and learn it, but with so much to explore, how do you expect me to find the spot I want to go back to? I can’t put a time frame on it just yet. After some quick calculations, fishing one new spot every week would take 25 years to get through the entire book, but fishing isn’t measured in time.

If you’ve found this blog and were expecting advice or tips, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I’m a so-so writer, a mediocre angler, and a horrible photographer. But maybe you’ll also see a piece of water that will pique your interest and get you to wet your line somewhere new too.

See you out there,