Fishing Links

Some useful sites for fellow anglers that I check out on a regular basis.

ODFW Recreation Report – Weekly updates on the state of fishing around Oregon

ODFW Fish Stocking Map – Cheat sheet to finding fish

USGS Water Levels Report – Check the water levels for prime fishing! – Local angling forum with great tidbits, tips and all things fishing

Oregon Fishing Forum – Another great discussion board resource categorized by species and region

Best Fishing in America – Articles, maps and how-tos for fishing all around Oregon

West Fly – Reports, Hatches, and fly fishing resources

Steelhead University – Terry Wiest’s blog on salmon and steelhead fishing plus a lot more

The Caddis Fly Blog – Eugene-area fly shop’s blog on fly tying and fly fishing

Brian Marz’s Fly Fishing Oregon Blog – Oregon guide Brian Marz’s eponymous blog

Royal Treatment Fly Fishing – Joel La Follette’s West Linn-based fly shop, reports and blog

Northwest Steelheaders – You don’t have to fish for steelhead to be a member

Fishing Addicts Northwest – Great how-to videos from some guys addicted to fishing

Please recommend any other useful fishing links you know in the comments section


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